Developing technology, the tools necessary to:

  • Sustainability secure an environmentally and economically superior source of fresh water

  • Contribute toward creating a new underwater economy

C+E=DOW is the acronym for the solution: Chess+Evans Deep Ocean Water (DOW): Proprietary desalination modules and methods, an environmentally superior solution to our most pressing need – Converting Ocean Saltwater into Fresh Water in a more sustainable manner.

  • C+E=DOW Desalination is designed to NOT entrain or entrap marine life, plankton in particular
  • C+E=DOW Desalination will NOT discharge high volumes of highly concentrated brine, the reduction of which is identified by the United Nations in its sustainability goals
  • Engineering experts deduced that C+E=DOW Desalination will require as much as 40% less energy to produce fresh water from saltwater than currently operating reverse osmosis systems.

C+E=DOW Desalination is a solution to a variety of complex problems, starting with the most fundamental: