Bob Evans, Master of Science (Hon. Causa), Co-Founder

Bob Evans is a visionary, an entrepreneur, who identifies and materializes significant solutions.

He has invested his life in identifying opportunities, putting the teams together and executing the programs necessary to realize projects in the ocean, while addressing needs of society. Desalination is his primary passion because coastal desalination is harming the world’s eco-system.

Bob has spent approximately 6,000 hours under water (equivalent to 3 full-time working years), during which he established and documented undersea programs, some for which required he design and produce equipment. His manufacturing experience includes establishment of polyurethane production facilities and development of revolutionary methods of molding.

He has more than 30 patents, work in Museums (New York Museum of Modern Art, Department of Architecture and Design, New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc.), and international design accolades, including a “Time Magazine Innovation of Year Award.”

Susanne Chess, Co-Founder
Strategic Planning

Susanne Chess is the daughter of entrepreneurs, from whom she acquired her passion for business. She is responsible for planning and directing all financial activities, business operations and marketing. Her thirty years of key management experience is crucial for problem solving skills and budget formulation, financial reporting and purchasing.

A recognized business leader in Santa Barbara, CA, she was honored to be asked to give a commencement speech to the graduating class of the Women’s Economic Venture Group, and as a guest speaker for symposia on International Business at the University of California, Santa Barbara. In 2013, she was awarded a Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award by its Foundation for Santa Barbara County.

Ryan Elliott, Professional Engineer
Deep Ocean Engineering

Ryan Elliott, P.E., is a Mechanical Engineer with more than 17 years experience in design, analysis, testing, assembly and installation of sub sea systems. He gets big objects safely into and out of ocean depths. Exactly the expertise required for C+E=DOW Desalination.

He gave a lecture on “Enabling Technology to Extend Life and Utility of Hydro-acoustic Systems,” for The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Science & Technology Conference, Hofburg Palace and at the United Nations Center in Vienna, Austria.

The lecture covered equipment for sensors installed worldwide in remote, deep sea locations including Diego Garcia. Important to maintaining the integrity of the deep ocean infrastructure for monitoring global compliance with the Nuclear Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. The innovations discussed are integral in broadening future application for scientific research.

Reverse Osmosis Engineering

Innovative Design, Inc
Knoxville, Tennessee

IDI was chosen to participate as a developmental Team Member for their expertise in industrial process, with specific experience on multi-million-dollar projects, which require the highest standard of quality control. Some of their staff engineers are under Contract with Oak Ridge National Laboratories and they have done work with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Also, among their staff and who worked on development of C+E=DOW Desalination are engineers with extensive experience in reverse osmosis and have worked with the largest desalination company in the world, (which also builds desalination systems for US Navy nuclear submarines).

Michael Hollander, PE
Principal Engineer

Michael Hollander is a registered Professional Engineer with over 52 years of industrial and consulting experience in engineering, steam systems, utilities, process equipment, and operations management. He has extensive experience in the chemical, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, metals, aerospace, and automotive industries includes project management, chemical process engineering, equipment evaluation, specification, and design, environmental, health & safety, and environmental/quality management system.