The Need For Fresh Water

It goes without saying that there is a growing need for fresh water.

Absent a decrease in demand” and increase in supply “annual global water requirements” will by 2030 be “40% above current sustainable water supplies.” (Source: Global Water Security, INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT ICA 2012-08, 2 February 2012)

Wars will be fought. Governments leveraged. Economies, agriculture, real estate, commercial and industrial ventures will succeed depending upon their water source.

97.5% of the Earth’s water supply is ocean saltwater

As a result of climate change, increased drought, aquifer depletion and saltwater incursion, along with population rising, increased demand for personal consumption, drinking, food, landscaping, sanitation, industry and energy,

Demand for desalination systems to produce fresh water is expected to grow dramatically.

Existing saltwater desalination is energy intensive and environmentally destructive. Intake draws saltwater from  marine life rich coastal zones. Highly concentrated brine outflow creates coastal kill zones. Coastal desalination facilities are vulnerable to changing weather patterns and sea level rise, and compete for high value real estate, which adds to cost.



Understanding why we must invest in a better way, follow the